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A Four-Step System for Getting Referrals and Higher-Profit Clients Every Month


This webinar is intended for small, medium, and large firms, as well as other small to medium-sized business owners (Not for CPAs working in a corporate environment, unless they are responsible for bringing in new business)
Cost Free
Presentation Length 1.0 hour

Recorded DateMay 10, 2022
CPE:Not available
(archived webinars do not offer CPE credits)
Course LevelBasic
Course Description

"I've lost that loving feeling for what I do and want it back but don't know how!"
Many well-meaning people in the accounting and tax profession (and many others, for that matter) feel like while they set out to build a successful business, they've ended up with what looks more like a glorified job, working countless hours.

They can't seem to get ahead because it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to deliver client work AND promote the business—and they're still missing out on the things they love most.
There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that they lack the RIGHT strategy to work with more of the RIGHT clientele that will give them the RIGHT profit margins.
We call this the R3 framework.
During this webinar, attendees will learn how to build referral networks that deliver higher-profit prospects and clients every month. This framework succeeds regardless of your experience and even if you don't enjoy networking. Many other businesses are already working with the types of clients YOU want to work with—clients who WANT and NEED YOUR services.
This practical four-step system allows you to build a reliable referral network of people—people who see you as the go-to service provider and expert in your market—which will be easy to create and maintain. 
Join Anthony Simonie, co-founder of Client Elevator, and Donald Stojack, Chief Business Strategist, who will share the exact process they and their clients have used to generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue and profits.
This could be a HUGE turning point for your business.

If you show up, take action, and build your referral network, you'll be setting your business up for long-term success.
Note: NOTHING will be sold at this event, but A LOT of value will be delivered through actionable content that you can implement right away if you choose.
Learning Objectives:

  • Determine how to get a surge of referrals into your business

  • Identify how to connect, engage and converse with your best referral partners (who are already looking for you) and who'll be thrilled to send you business

  • Define the single best social media platform to leverage for referral partners that deliver higher-profit clientele

  • Identify how to do this without spending anything on advertising

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Anthony Simonie

Client Elevator
CEO and Co-Founder
(512) 649-1304


After building multiple seven-figure online and offline businesses from scratch, Anthony turned his attention to helping other small and medium-sized companies scale profits by leveraging his unique no BS approach to marketing and sales. 

You’ll often hear him say that “Results are all that matter.” 

For more than 14 years, his passion has helped businesses and professional service providers grow sales and profits by effectively leveraging unique marketing and sales strategies, both online and offline.

Anthony has what some call a "gift" to find new and hidden profit opportunities and deploy systems and processes that predictably attract, convert, and retain high-quality clients and customers. 

Anthony has worked alongside some of the most brilliant business minds on the planet and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients. 

He’s successfully built three brick-and-mortar service-based businesses, co-founded four successful online consulting and training companies (serving more than 10,000 clients).

He's become a highly sought-after business strategist that is known for getting things done. 

Anthony is married with two children through adoption and resides in Austin, TX.


Donald Stojack

Client Elevator
Chief Business Strategist
(512) 649-1304


With over 40 years of business experience in the trenches, Donald brings an extensive repository of knowledge he has tapped as a successful strategist and consultant. In 2008, Donald was selected to be on the elite team of Chet Holmes International. He stayed with Chet to forge a business relationship with Tony Robbins to create the successful Business Mastery Seminar model and Business Breakthroughs International. Those connections and relationships also lead Donald to work alongside master business minds – Jay Abraham, Scott Hallman, Eben Pagan, and many others.

For the past six years, Donald has been on the team of Go Meta Media, an Eben Pagan company – serving thousands of entrepreneurs in the digital information and coaching industries. Donald is also a Chief Business Strategist at Client Elevator and The Virtual Profit Plan group - a team of online business experts that helps companies develop traction with their online presence (

A father of six, Donald lives in the Seattle, Washington area and enjoys spending time kayaking on the many inland waterways and walking the many forested trails.

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Client Elevator provides unique, battle-tested marketing and sales solutions that increase performance and profit, to Accountants, EA's CPAs and Bookkeepers.