Cara Griffith

Tax Analysts
President & Chief Executive Officer
(703) 533-4412

Cara provides strategic oversight for the direction of Tax Analysts. She has been instrumental in developing strategies to improve the Tax Notes suite of products and to aggressively pursue transparency in the administration of tax systems. Previously, Cara managed the editorial department, including the flagship daily news publications and weekly magazines. Griffith has written for a broad range of tax policy publications, including Tax Notes State, The Tax Adviser, The Hedge Fund Law Report, and The Hill. She regularly speaks at tax conferences and other events on tax issues, on a variety of technical tax issues as well as the need for transparency in tax administration.

Griffith has a BA in political science and a BA in international studies from the University of Evansville and a JD from the George Washington University Law School.

About Us: Tax Analysts is a nonpartisan, nonprofit publisher of news and commentary about federal, state, and international tax issues under the brand Tax Notes. They also hold and sponsor conferences about timely issues of tax policy and administration. Through their investigative journalism and, if necessary, the courts, Tax Analysts shed light on government actions that affect taxes by bringing secretive decision-making into the open. Through their publications, conferences, and other activities, they engage with the broad tax community.