Kristy St-Aubin

PEO Spectrum Inc
Senior Consultant
(877) 736-4249

Kristy St-Aubin is a Senior Consultant at PEO Spectrum. She works with our partner CPAs and CFOs, and companies throughout the country to help them shop and find the best PEOs for their needs. Kristy is always ready to roll up her sleeves for a client and likes to help them save to their bottom line while still receiving great or better services with another PEO provider.

About Us: PEO Spectrum provides a free service for companies to shop and compare vendors in the PEO industry.

Representing the nation's top 100 PEOs we provide our clients with unbiased expertise as to which PEO is best for their business through our streamlined PEO Comparison process.

Companies that use PEO Spectrum save up to 30% of PEO costs, spend 90% less time dealing with salespeople, and largely mitigate the risk of ending up with the wrong PEO.