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The Value Conference 2022

October 4-6, 2022 | Virtual

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If you want to MASTER VALUE PRICING, this could be the most important conference you will attend this year. It takes place live and online over 3 consecutive days from October 4th - 6th.


Mark Wickersham FCA will show you the foundations of pricing, the critical steps to getting better prices and 

how to create more value for your clients.


With examples you can follow to GET RESULTS FAST! But this conference is about more than just value pricing…


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After all, life’s too short to be working crazy long hours for not enough reward!


Let Mark Wickersham and other amazing speakers show you how to create more value for your clients and how to capture that value in your price at Value 2022.


It's not just your life you're changing...


We’re working with B1G1 to make sure that every conference ticket sold helps to make a big difference in the world.


Attending the conference will not only change your life, through the valuable teaching from fantastic speakers - every ticket sold will also help to change the life of someone in desperate need.


You don't even need to pay for a ticket - just register for free and we can then donate on your behalf.


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Here's what your ticket will do: Provide 1-day business training course to support a family


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Invest in the future of an impoverished woman living in Malawi by providing a one-day business plan and training course. 


This course will help to impart women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their families and contribute to their livelihood. 


Your contribution is crucial in ensuring the sustainability and continuity of this project to make positive impacts in women’s lives.


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  • Access to all LIVE sessions (over 10 hours of training over 3 days)
  • Access to the breakout sessions so you can choose the additional training that best meets your needs
  • Exclusive “Ask Me Anything” sessions with select speakers
  • Conference workbook with outline notes and space to record your additional notes, so you come away from the conference with your roadmap of what to do to attract better clients and do more valuable work
  • Surprise bonus resources during some of the live training sessions


You’ll come away from these sessions with CLARITY


You will know the steps you need to take to get better at pricing and start making the money you KNOW you should be making.


Register your place, block the sessions in your calendar, and attend each session live.


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Value Foundations

  • The pricing myth that is holding accountants and bookkeepers back
  • The BIG mistakes most accounting professionals make when pricing their services
  • What to do about cheap competition who keep ‘low-balling’ with price
  • The mindset shift you must take to become CONFIDENT with pricing
  • 3 simple – yet powerful – steps to value pricing your accounting services
  • The pricing journey… the steps to take when moving to value pricing
  • Why fixed pricing is not value pricing… and why you should still start there!
  • Avoid getting the price wrong… how to evaluate scope
  • Why your single price is the WRONG price – guaranteed!
  • Why charging different customers different prices is the first foundation of value pricing


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Value Pricing

  • How I used menu pricing in my firm to increase prices 3x!
  • Why you must always start with the ‘magic of three’
  • The 7-step framework for building your packages
  • The reason why menu pricing helps you re-price your existing clients (without fear of losing any)
  • How to involve your client in the pricing process (and why this is critical for getting higher prices)
  • The 3 stages of the value conversation
  • 3 powerful communication secrets to increase your client’s desire to buy
  • Why your customers are clueless about price
  • The power of 9, and why it could be the worst price ending for your prices
  • Why you must never reveal your headline price


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Creating Value

  • How to value price advisory services so they become one of your most profitable services
  • How to sell advisory work without uncomfortable sales techniques
  • Why anchoring is critical when presenting a business advisory offering
  • Tax advisory… how to price complex tax planning work
  • The importance of quantification and extrapolation
  • How to win better clients when you focus on value
  • The 3 most powerful strategies for using advisory work to win new clients
  • The #1 list-building strategy for accountants
  • How to be confident on webcam or camera – The essential skills to communicate value effectively
  • How to create a business club for scaling your advisory to another level


On Monday October 3rd at 9am UK time, the price will go up to $197! Make sure you grab your FREE ticket before then.


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Company Mark Wickersham FCA
Intended Audience CPA - small firm
CPA - medium firm
CPA - large firm
Small Business Owner
Dates Oct 4 - Oct 6
Location Virtual

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Mark Wickersham FCA

I have been helping accountants to build more successful, more profitable and more enjoyable accounting firms since the year 2000. As well as being a professional speaker and Amazon number 1 bestselling author, I am the creator of Effective Pricing. Effective Pricing is a cloud-based tool enabling accountants and bookkeepers to implement value pricing and systemise the process of creating a price in a client meeting. You can find out more here,